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Italy has made strong progress in the development of energy policy, notably through the publication of the National Energy Strategy in 2013, which sets clear goals: reduce energy costs, meet environmental targets, strengthen security of energy supply and foster sustainable economic growth.


Key recommendations, 2016

  • Complete national energy market reforms

    万宝路平台In the wholesale natural gas markets and in the operation of both the electricity and natural gas retail markets notably, simplify the end-user tariffs and reduce the role of the Acquirente Unico to get out of the single buyer model.

  • Develop a reporting mechanism to monitor implementation of the Strategy

    The Energy Strategy developed in 2013 replaced a model where each region had its own Regional Energy-Environment Plan. To ensure the effective implementation of this harmonized strategy, the government should regularly monitor and evaluate progress in the medium-term implementation of the Strategy against its goals, and ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of policy.

  • Reduce complexity for energy sector stakeholders

    Limit the regulatory uncertainty by vesting clear responsibility for the implementation of the different elements of the Strategy with the most appropriate institutions, and reduce overlapping authorities.



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